Adobe Illustrator Basics – Gradients

Click on Gradient Tool from Tool menu or use key shortcut G. Once you have Gradient Tool Selected, click on any shape you wish to have Gradient.


We control gradient with Gradient Panel and Color Panel. If you dont see this two panels, go to Window dropdown menu, click on Window>Color and Window>Gradient.


If you dont see all the options, click on the icon and choose Show Options for additional settings.


Now we can start to change the gradient on our shape. We can switch gradient type from Linear to Radial.


To reverse the Griadient, use the reverse Icon.


To change the Gradient Color, click on Gradient Slider and change the Color. To switch between Color Modes, Use Shift+Click on the Spectrum or use the Icon and pick from dropdown menu.

You can Click and Drag your Gradient on your Shape. What you see dragging, is called Gradient Annotator. The Click and Drag will always start with the Left Gradient Slider which is Primary.


In Linear Mode, the Gradient Annotator can be dragged outside of the shape only in the direction of the Annotator. If you want to drag it outside horizontally, it must be rotated horizontally first.


To Rotate the Gradient Annotator, you must use the end of the Annotator. Slide to the end of Annotator and icon will appear for rotation. This works only at one side of the Annotator, the opposite side, which is Secondary and belongs to the Right Gradient Slider.


To drag and move the Annotator, click the Primary End and Drag. To Expand the Annotator, click the Secondary End and Drag.