Adobe Illustrator Basics – Arrangement

To “Arrange = Order” a “Shape = Layer”, we use Arrange Function in Adobe Illustrator.

Arrangement is big part of the game in Illustrator, it’s very similar to Photoshop Layers. Any single Shape in Illustrator becomes a Layer that has Order, and that Order determines Overlaping of the Shape. Overlaping means, what’s front and what’s back. If the Shape is in Front, it’s at the top of the game. If the Shape is at back it’s at the bottom of everything. Right-Click any Shape, choose Arrangement and pick from four Options.


I’m using keyboard shortcuts so i don’t have to constantly right-click and pick. It’s alot easier and time saving. You will use Arrangement all the time, make your short-keys!


Here’s how to change short-keys if you dont know: ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR BASICS – CHANGE SHORTCUT KEY