Adobe Illustrator Basics – Anchor Points

Connecting two anchor points is often task in vector graphics and can be done multiple ways.

Connectig open anchor points with Pen Tool (P)
Click on first anchor point and click on secondary anchor point to connect.

Connecting open anchor points with Join function. Select two open anchor points
and use Join Function or CTRL+J.
Join function can be found under dropdown menu Object>Path>Join or key shortcut CTRL+J.


To add anchor point, choose Pen Tool (P) and click anywhere on the spline and anchor point will be added.


To remove anchor point, choose pen tool (P) and click on anchor point you wish to remove.


To select Anchor Point, use Direct Selection Tool (A).

To move Anchor Point, use Direct Selection Tool (A).

Anchor Point will become invisible in GPU View if being single point. Switching between GPU and OUTLINE view will reveal if you have any unwanted Anchor Points floating arround. You can change GPU View to Outline View using keyboard shortcut CTRL+Y or go to dropdown menu View>Outline. If you’ll find single Anchor Points, select them with Direct Selection Tool (A) and hit Delete on your keyboard. This is another way how to remove Anchor Points.
Note: Dont use The Pen Tool (P) to delete single Anchor Point.